We provide pumps and solutions from small domestic use to commercial to Public . These are broadly catagorised as
Submersible Storm Water Pumps
Submersible Sewage Pumps
Above pumps are from Zenit, Italy and some models from Nocchi Pentair, Italy.

Zenit is the largest manufacturer of Submersible Pumps in Italy,. It caters to domestic, commercial industrial and Municipal requirement with pumps from 05.hp to 75hp.


Ideal for treatment of heavily polluted or foamy liquids, sewage liquids containing oily, fibrous or solid substances.

For draining water from seepage, rain water, gratings or wells, draining household waste water, rooms, tanks and pools.

Also for purification plants, livestock farms, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, foundries and steel mills and clothing and leather industry.

Contact us with specific query with flow rates, head, free passage and the composition of sewage to enable us to advise and quote accordingly.

However, some commonly used Drain water & Sewage pumps which are sold from stocks are mentioned below:

Pump Series