Total Solutions for Water treatment which may include -

DMF, ACF, Softners, Ros, Ozonation, UV are provide by us.

We act as water consultants & suggest different solutions. Our scope starts right from testing of water & providing complete solutions includes a range of filters (active type & sand), softners, R.O.'s UV's & integration & interfacing of all these alongwith pumping machinary.

Our Range of Water Treatment Systems comprises:

Cartridge Filters & Sand Filters
Water Softners in FRP & MS Rubber lined Tanks
RO Systems for commercial & industrial use
Systems - totally customised with automation
UV Systems for removing microbiological impurities completely.
Filter Softners

Sand Filters / Activated carbon Filter / Micron Filter:
Sand Filters are sourced from Onga Pentair, Aquanomics. These are in FRP. We also offer Silvero Filters & Solutions in Stainless Steel.

Activated carbon Filter:
We provide a range of multigrade activated carbon micron filters to take care of filteration of physical impurities. Carbon filters are in FRP or in M-S as desired by the client . Micron filters are available from 20 to 1 micron ratings. These take care of physical as well as microbiological impurities

De Alkalizers and Deminralization Plants:
Deminralization and De Alkalizer plants with FRP vessels and imported valves along with either imported version or from Ion Exchange are provided by us.

Water Softners:
Water Softners based on the Ion Exchange technology is a component based device having three parts. Firstly, the Pressure Vessel
we supply pressure vessels from Structural, USA made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP). We also provide Softner Vessel in fabricated steel rubber lined.

Secondly, the Resin
we supply resin from Rohm n' Haas, France who are the leaders in sodium based resins wordl.

Thirdly, the Valve
Our equipment are fitted with Fleck, USA, Autotrol, USA or Erie, USA all leading valve manufactures in the world. Valves can be automatic, semi automatic and also with manual multiport operations.

Reverse Osmosis:
The term Reverse Osmosis is derived from the natural systems phenomenon when water passes from the less concentrated solution through a permeable membrane to the semi-concentrate one.

If we exercise more pressure with the Osmotic Pressure to the more concentrated solution the water starts to flow to the less concentrated one. Semi - permeable membrane allows the water to pass but not the dissolved ions. RO systems are used for desalination and is a technology used by most mineral water manufactures to bottle water.

We offer a range of these system starting from domestic RO systems to industrial solutions up till 50m3/hr. Our systems have a compact design and provide hight quality water . These systems are used in various applications like houses, metal plating, washing, boiler feed, fluoriculture and much more.

We provide pumps from Nocchi & Fluidotech (Italy) as components of our Revrse Osmosis.

Please note that our 100 LPH RO's are equipped with Fluidotech or pumps. All bigger systems are equipped with Nocchi Pentair Pumps of VLRI Series in SS304. Other Features /components of our RO are:
All systems can be equipped with CIP (clean in place) & each membrane can be flushed individually.
All components are fitted with isolation coks & unions for very easy operation & maintanence & services. This also enables part replaement.
The above features give longevity to the pump & membranes &, therefore, the satar also reduces down time.
RO Water can be stored & also provided with online UV for sterilization.