Our commitment and dedication to Solar (Green Energy) can be gauged by our investments in this field.

Demonstration Centre: We have a dedicated inhouse demonstration facility with 3kw Solar PV power Grid tied and Stand alone system for training of personnel complete with Energy management, Testing and Monitoring devices.

Our Service Includes:

1. Site and Project Analysis: Our team will conduct an assessment of your energy needs and the potential of solar production, and will assess the structural, electrical and environmental elements. We can also provide a financial feasibility or returns analysis based on specific customer requirement.

2. System Design and BOQ finalization: Our Engineers perform a detailed engineering analysis that enables us to define the proposed mounting structure, inverter, battery and charge controller specs, and other system components applicable to your specific requirements.

We choose the best in class and the most suitable parts suppliers for your requirements. The quality and reliability of the parts is one of the most important criteria for us. Our supplier, who are of repute, are based out of India/Europe/ Asia, etc to always get the most competitive products for our customer.

3. Erection and Commissioning: Our certified field staff manages the entire erection and commissioning process, include the logistics, system integration, civil work and if required, the power evacuation infrastructure set-up.

4. Operations amd Maintenance: We also undertake O&M activities and deploy trained staff to maintain the system over longer period of time and ensure timely rectification of issues, if any.

5. We provide additional onsite Testing and Measuring instruments, devices to test the various parameters on regular basis.