Our expertise lies in designing and installing the most technologically advanced Solar Water Heater and Solar Electric Power Systems.

Solar Water Heating

Domestic and Commercial systems are configured using following technologies:

We produce Flat Plate Collectors under BIS Certification No. CM/L 3260243 However, our Specification are much higher than BIS.
Please seen the comparison between ours & other manufactures.

Our Advantage lies in designing & installing the most technologically advanced Solar Water Heating System.

1.FLAT PLATE COLLECTORS Comprises 9 fins of 0.15mm thickness, majority manufactures use fins of less than 0.10mm which have reduced efficiency when compared to thicker fins of 0.15mm.

2.Frame: we use 2mm thick frame which is duly welded unlike other manufactures who use 1.4 to 1.6mm thick frames & not even welded them & thus adding to dimensional in stability.

3. Most FPC have flanged connectors (2on either side) as shown here. This is a sure temptation which occasionally results in leaks Further, with flanged connections, the gaskets are used between the collectors which due to contraction and expansion & also due to loosening of bolts results in dripping of hot water and therefore wastage of energy.

4.SILVERO FPCs are without overhangs and have instead threaded end connections barely jutting out. Furthermore, these are interconnected and disconnect for services very quickly. These fitting are with brass nut assembly with copper pipe and copper washers. Brass fittings are shown here.

Please make the following changes (Marked in BOLD)

1.Vacuum Tube and Heat Pipes: These are imported from China.

2.Storage Tanks: From Small 100lts to 500lts. Imported Storage Tanks with PUF insulation to larger indigenously made Storage vessel of 1500lts and with ROCK WOOL Insulation.

3.Pressurised & Non Pressurised Systems: After studying the clients requirements, a separate customize solution is provided.

VACUUM TUBE TECHNOLOGY (Gravity based Systems)

  SKI NA 124lt SKI NB 124lt SKI NP 200lt
TANK Material (Exterior) Stainless Steel plate Coloured Steel Sheet Coloured Steel Sheet
TANK Material (Interior) SUS304 Stainless Steel plate SUS304 Stainless Steel plate Titanium Steel 1.2 mm & Enamel Coating 0.5mm
GLASS VACUUM TUBE Diameter: Φ 47mm Length: 1500mm Diameter: Φ 47mm Length: 1500mm Diameter: F 58mm Length: 1800mm
QTY. 15 15 20
ABSORBING AREA 1.54 m2 1.54 m2 2.72 m2
SUPPORT Stainless Steel plate Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel
  SKI NP 250lt SKI NP 300lt  
TANK Material (Exterior) Coloured Steel Sheet Coloured Steel Sheet  
TANK Material (Interior) Titanium Steel 1.2 mm & Enamel Coating 0.5mm Titanium Steel 1.2 mm & Enamel Coating 0.5mm  
GLASS VACUUM TUBE Diameter: Φ 58mm   Length: 1800mm Diameter: Φ 58mm Length: 1800mm  
QTY. 24 30  
ABSORBING AREA 3.32 m2 4.08 m2  
SUPPORT Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel  

HEAT PIPE TECHNOLOGY (Suitable for Pressure Systems)

Tank Material (Interior) Titanium Steel 2mm and Porcelain Enamel coating 0.5mm.
Tank Material Exterior Stainless Steel Sheet 0.4mm
Tank Capacity 275lt
Working Pressure 6bar
Absorbing Area    4.15m2
Heating Medium Thermic Fluid
Working Pressure 6bar
Heat Pipe Collector:
Diameter 58mm
Length   1800mm
Qty (Nos. of Heat Pipe) 26 Nos.


Higher Heat Efficiency: Advanced heat transferring style of the heat pipe, excellent selective absorbent coating and perfect combination with high vacuum heat conservation.
Wild Applicable Range: As the heat pipe needs less heat capacity, it can be started quickly even under cloudy day. It can work normally even under temperature of minus 30 Celsius degree. As there is no water running in the vacuum tubes, it can effectively resist lower heating efficiency due to frost cracking or scaling;
Each individual tube can work independently, thus the whole system can still work normally if any of the tubes are damaged. Its service life can be over 15 years.
The unique connection between heat pipe and vacuum tube can ensure both seal and replacement of damaged glass vacuum tube.

Our Experience lies in designing and installing the most technologically advanced Solar Water Heater systems.

FLAT PLATE TECHNOLOGY (Suitable for Pressure system)

These are from Rheem, Australia.

Exchanger MOC SS316
Tank Capacity 300lt
Working Pressure 6bar
Working Pressure 10bar
Heating Medium Thermic Fluid


Large Installations can be provided by using smaller models in series and parallel.

e.g. Multiple Installation with compact system, pressure rating.

e.g. Multiple Installayion with Vacuum Tube Systems.

Introducing shortly Flat Plate Collectors with utility water flowing through copper coil in Storage Tank.