A steam bath refreshes both body & soul. Cosseted in clouds of soothing steam you can enjoy the most delightful bathing experience of your life. The gentle heat and the high humidity massages your skin, increases blood circulation and gently eases tensemuscles. At the same time the steam penetrates deep into your pores, cleansing the skin, leaving it soft and smooth and continuing to invigorate you long after your bath is over.

Silver Spark offers you steam rooms for both private and public use. These steamrooms are designed to meet the very highest standards of a commercial bathing facility. They are available in two models - Elysee and Excellent and are meant basically for hotels.

We can also offer Personalised steam rooms custom-built to your specifications for homes and also for commercial facilities. Just send a simple sketch to us and we shall quote for the same and provide other technical inputs. Steam Room would comprise the followings:

1. Room or a Cubicle made out of concrete & tiles or glass walls or a combination of both.

2. Steam Ceiling made out of acrylic, polycarbonate, composite aluminium panel, stainless steel or with a Tylo dome available till a maximum size of 2 mt. x 2 mt.

This dome has a depth of 150 mm thus having a distinct advantage of aesthetics. All materials are installed to ensure minimum condensation fall on bathers.

We provide Glass Frame Work customised to any size, design, shape etc.

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