Rapid Water Geyser
Storage Water Geyser
Presenting you herewith Electric Storage Water Heaters specially imported from Idropi, Italy for centralized heating (larger capacity water heaters) & end point usage (smaller capacities)

Withstands a maximum pressure of 8 bars and can therefore, be used in conjunction with pressure pumps.
Capacity ranges from 10 lts to 500 lts
Glass lined tank
Anti-corrosion protection is provided by replaceable magnesium anode.
Selected models are equipped with an external adjustable thermostat.
Idropi's water heaters are available in both horizontal and vertical models.
Bigger models like 300 lts to 500 lts are utilized for centralized heating systems with an inlet for Recirculation.

Models with internal heat exchanger present an important heat-transfer area and can conveniently be connected to the central heating piping on both sides of the water heater.